About Me…. This… Us…

Hi! Welcome to Successfully Stressed! I am a nineteen year-old student eager to make a change to my own life, while hopefully helping others.  I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and college is only making things worse. Now in my second year, I have earned only good grades, but it comes with multiple mental breakdowns and lots of sleep deprivation.  Therapy and medication do not fill the emptiness inside me, but maybe this blog will.

My goal is not only to create a place to vent and to better myself, but to connect to other people! We are not alone, no matter how isolated we seem to be.  Come talk to me and share stories! Motivation, inspiration and encouragement are my objectives to give through this experience. Stories of struggles, success, and opinions will be found here.

These are suppose to be the best years of our lives, but for me I am just trying to survive. I hope you will join me on the journey to achieve happiness.


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